Early Learning

Link to Getting to Know Our New Kinder Students coming to McNab in September 2020.

McNab Public School does offer the Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP).

The Early Learning Kindergarten Program (ELKP) is a full-day, every day, Kindergarten program for four and five year olds. Class sizes are limited to approximately 26 students a with teaching team of both a Kindergarten Teacher and an Early Childhood Educator.

In October, 2009, the provincial government announced details for the first three years of a province-wide Early Learning Program (ELP) implementation for four and five year olds. Full implementation of the Early Learning Program will take five years.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Establish a strong foundation for the early years by providing young children with an integrated day of learning;
  • Provide a play-based learning environment;
  • Help children make a smoother transition to Grade 1;
  • Improve children's prospects for success in school and in their lives beyond school.

The play-based learning program provides children with developmental opportunities in six areas of learning:

  1. Personal and social development;
  2. Language;
  3. Mathematics;
  4. Science and technology;
  5. Health and physical activity; and
  6. The arts.


For additional information regarding ELKP, you can visit the Ontario Ministry of Education website.