Special Education Services 

Special education provides opportunities for students to grow and learn in a supportive environment that recognizes individual differences and promotes the full potential of students.

McNab Public School offers programming for students with special education needs through differentiated instruction. 

Special Education Resource Teacher (Mrs. Miller)

Our school provides the services and support of a Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) who works with both students and their teachers to provide accommodations and/or modifications to the curriculum. 

Mrs. Miller offers creative and interesting ideas.  Visit her teacher webpage for loads of exciting activities and resources for your use at home (find her on the Home Page under Staff).  Help your child build a love of learning at home with you.

School Support Counsellor

The school support counsellor works with students in all grade levels to promote pro-social behaviours, positive social skills (peers and adults), encourage regular attendance and teach strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.  

Additional Information

Please visit the Special Education section of our board website for resource documents including the Parents as Partners guide to special education, information guides on autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities and more, and website links that may be of interest to parents.